Thursday, October 8, 2009

The best list

I found the following on a small scrap of paper on the desk of a senior architect at my office, a fellow with probably almost 40 years of experience.

Best time to call a contractor: 7:00 am
Best time to call a client: Tuesday at 8:45 am
Best time to run a meeting: 11:00 am
Best day to hold all meetings: Tuesday
Best time to do manpower planning: Monday at 8:00 am
Best day to mail invoices: 23rd of the month (so they pay on the 1st)
Best time to open mail: 4:30 pm
Best place to eat lunch: at your desk (Lulu's note: unless this is all you've done for months--you should get out once in a while)
Best meeting format: standup meetings
Best way to control meetings: take meeting minutes yourself
Best position among six firms competing in a presentation: last
Best form of contract: lump sum with a well-defined scope (Lulu's note: good luck finding that ever again)
Best type of client: one who pays
Best employee: one who initiates action
Best length of workday: 9 hours, no more

I especially second the last item on the list. I just wrapped up a meeting with two deadlines, both of which were tough and involved some ten-hour days and weekends. I remembered why I don't work more than about nine hours a day, ever--I start to get shiny object syndrome and become way less efficient. So as I head into a long weekend off (and not a moment too soon), tell me what you think is the best. What's the best type of boss to you? Best time to get work done? Best way to stay organized? Best...whatever--sound off in the comments or tell me via email from the sidebar.

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