Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And now for my next trick...

Forgive the absence of posts--it's been a pretty busy week.

I have several projects at work that have all gotten really active at the same time (and all their deadlines are next week), plus I've been getting ready for a couple of presentations regarding the work I do here at Intern 101. I recently had someone ask me about good sources for written communication advice. I've found the best communication skills in "Civilized Assertiveness For Women" by Judith McClure, PhD. Technically, it's aimed at women but the skills are equally usable by and with both genders. If you're looking for written communication in general, I'll have to look a little more and poll my college professor friends about some sources. In the meantime, I'm getting started on turning this blog into a book with a fair amount of practical advice, especially on communication.

I'm going to go collapse for a moment, but I'll post when I can over the next week as I slough off each of my deadlines. I've had several good questions recently that deserve some reflection and response. As always, though, keep the questions and comments coming, either through the post comments or through my email in the sidebar. Thanks!

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