Thursday, April 8, 2010


I deeply apologize for the lack of posts lately, folks. I've been getting through my four-deadlines-in-eight-days, and the last one is tomorrow. I can see the finish line from here....

Few if any interns are ever told that the deadlines and work schedules in practice are just as bad if not worse than they are in school. Really, the only difference is that you get paid for the work you do in practice, whereas you pay tuition for the work you do in school. However, there are times where it's long days and nights and even weekends for a couple of weeks to even a few months in a row. Some firms are guilty of basing their salaries on a 40-hour workweek while providing an environment that encourages or even requires a 50-hour workweek, but all in all every firm has its moments when one or more project team(s) is/are working like they were still in college. It's just part of any workplace, not just an architecture firm.

After I've had some rest this weekend, I'd like to address some questions I've received recently on getting a job at a firm you've been laid off from, answering RFIs and shop drawings when you're not fully allowed to do so, and handling code reviews for projects. Thanks to everyone for staying with me during a rough two weeks!

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