Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Off gallivanting -- back soon!

I'm off to the AIA National Convention in Miami for a few days, so I'll be reposting a few of the early posts from Intern 101 (for those of you new to the site) until middle of next week. Feel free to leave comments, and let me know if you'll be at the Convention as well--perhaps I'll see you there!

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  1. Do you have some information on NCARB's recent, "Oh, by the way we're increasing fees in 3 weeks" email?

    The "New Certificate Application Fee" jumps from $675 to $1500 on July 1. I don't think this effects those registered for IDP/NCARB fresh out of school or does it? I think what I've been able to gather is that this fee would apply if you went directly through Colorado licensing board w/o ever registering for NCARB. You then received your license from Colorado and then discovered that to get reciprocity to a state that does require an NCARB certificate you had to come back to NCARB and say I need a record. True?

    I am registered with NCARB, reside in CO and am about half way through IDP. However, I'm now unemployed and deciding whether to seize the down time and start testing in another state that allows an early ARE. I see that they are raising the record transmittal fee from $300 to $400 on July 1 as well, so I have some urgency in figuring this out in some fashion over the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping that after the increased test fees and transmittal fees that I'm not going to get hit with that whopper $1500 on top of that.

    Nevertheless, it's worth noting to those here in CO that if you went directly through the state and not NCARB and you anticipate needing reciprocity (thinking of moving?) you might want to look into this over the next couple of weeks.