Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day 2011!

I hope everyone's taking advantage of this three-day weekend (well, my U.S. readers are, anyway) and getting some downtime.  I once worked both days of the weekend for several months in a row, and I was tempted one year to work through Memorial Day.  It was then that my husband threw a fit, stating emphatically that I had the right to a holiday like everyone else, no matter what my workload, and that he himself would go scream at my boss (we worked at the same office at the time) if I worked that weekend.  Hence, I stayed home and was much better for it.

It's tempting to use our holidays as opportunities to get "caught up" on things, whether work-related or domestic, but we all really need a break to go for a walk, have a cookout, or just stare at the sky and do nothing.  Hope you're all enjoying the holiday weekend, to-do-list free!

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