Monday, January 30, 2012

Redlined Resumes: nice and clean

Yes indeed, Redlined Resumes is back after a very long hiatus.  I have a few resumes to share, all of them with good points and ideas and formats.  Our first is from CP (double click on the image to open larger in a separate window): 

CP has a clean non-serif font and a simple graphic strategy--a dark bar with a reverse-contrast title printed in them.  CP also puts his/her software skills first, before his/her work experience.  This is an interesting tactic, but for CP it makes sense: if the work experience isn't so strong, lead with the software skills, which are very strong and may be all a firm needs to decide to interview CP.

CP does have a couple of misspelled words in this resume, and there are a few abbreviations that may need to be spelled out so that a potential firm can understand their importance.  I would also remove the objective at the top in order to give that space to a better description of the work experience.  The work experience is a little thin, but when CP puts in things like "supervised building events", that's a big responsibility that I as a project manager would like to know about.  Meanwhile, the "studios of note" is the section that can be thinned or deleted depending on the kind of firm at which CP applies.  If they're design-heavy, it might be worth keeping, but if they're more of a production firm this section can be thinned.

More Redlined Resumes to come in the next few weeks--if you would like your resume critiqued and featured here, please send it to me via email in the sidebar.  And feel free to send me any other questions as well, and I'll do my best to address them here.  Thanks!

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