Monday, March 26, 2012

Redlined Resumes: tell me more, tell me more

Today's Redlined Resume comes from YH, who brings us a little international experience with his/her resume.


YH's resume is clean and easy to read, a definite plus.  I'm loving the note at the bottom regarding a physical portfolio as well as a website address to view his/her portfolio online.  (It seems like this is becoming more commonplace--is it easy to do? Making your own website was still kinda tough when I got out of grad school back in 2000, before the iPod and the Roomba.)  YH uses fonts (bold, italic, all caps, etc.) to an advantage, as a way of organizing information on the resume.

What YH's resume is lacking is details.  What kind of tower did s/he coordinate the engineering systems on? What exactly did s/he do at his/her various jobs listed under "Additional Experience"?  What does s/he mean by "working within the fabric of the city"?  While it might seem that all these things would be obvious to a potential firm, that's not necessarily so.  Phrases like "working within the fabric of the city" might mean different things to an architect versus an urban planner versus a construction manager (if that's the kind of firm you happen to be applying at) versus a regular ol' HR director.  Yes, sometimes the person who looks at resumes--if it's a person at all--isn't an architect, and that person (or computer program) needs to see certain words to know if you have the skills and experiences to possibly do the job for which the firm is advertising.  YH needs to add a few more details so that it's clear what s/he can do for a firm, which will make the firm call YH in for an interview.

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