Monday, February 25, 2013

Lulu's question to you: Are there reasons not to get licensed?

I recently debated licensure with some of my more-seasoned colleagues, and it became (unintentionally) a heated debate.  As we were discussing interns delaying or just not getting licensed, it began to occur to me that there may be reasons not to get licensed.  So I'm asking you: is or are there any reason(s) not to pass the ARE and become a licensed architect?

While I heartily advocate licensure, I realize that it may not be the right choice for everyone.  So what would make it not a right choice for someone? Tell me via email or in the comments--I'm betting there are some interesting situations out there that my colleagues and I haven't thought about.


  1. 1. They do not ever plan on owning their own firm and/or don't want to be/ aren't interested in leadership positions.

    2. They just enjoy preparing the drawings.

    3. They plan on leaving the profession at some point.

    4. Financial problems.

    5. They plan to move outside the US/to a place where being a licensed architect in the US is not critical to their progression in architecture.

  2. I tell young interns that getting a license "now you too can get sued". Architects have let the other building components take over the profession. We have lost the prestige that was enjoyed many years ago. Economics have taken over and driven us to design build and contractors dictating how things get done. I have 40 plus years in this profession and can not wait to retire. I try to dicourage young people from getting into the profession. Long hours with little respect and your salary does not keep up.